Monthly Archives: June 2007

Project Internet Catalonia: The use of internet and IT in the health sector

I am so happy to announce that during this week has been presented by its directors, Prof. Manuel Castells and Prof. Imma Tubella, to the media and Catalonia Society the main conclusions of Project Internet Catalonia (PIC) PIC is a research programme carried out from September 2001 to July 2007 by the UOC’s IN3. It… Read more »

Understanding ICT as Innovation in Healthcare Organizations

I have been studying some issues related with Innovation and with Telemedicine (if you follow the links you can see some references about them). In my case the key issue of both items is Information and Communication Technologies. To tackle the complex of these three concepts (Innovation, Telemedicine and ICT) I am following the Conceptual… Read more »

The on-line and off-line consequences of blogging

I few days ago I found a post from Tobias Escher talking about Why should researchers blog?. His post was interesting but opposite to Ismael Peña hyphotesis so I just sent him the URL. Later Ismael put a comment to Tobias’s post and next Tobias answered him back. Finally both will meet each other in… Read more »

Google ranked 'worst' on privacy (a Health Care Value)

BBC News has published this headline Google ranked ‘worst’ on privacy talking about a recent report launched by Privacy International. I haven’t read the report yet and I hadn’t heard before about this organization. But at least it makes me think again about the complexity of putting together health and Google as privacy is a… Read more »

Deal with Google in Healthcare Systems

I am glad to notice that many bloggers have started talking about the implications of Google in healthcare. David Rothman has post about Google vs. PubMed linking with another interesting blog called Open Medicine Blog. Those kind of posts support the hyphothesis about the social, economics and political implications of search engines as technological artefacs…. Read more »

Web 2.0 in Healthcare Care by John Sharp

John Sharp has shared his presentation at the conference of Northern Ohio Healthcare Information Management and Systems Society in Cleveland about Web 2.0 in Healthcare. First of all thanks to John for sharing his wonderful slides. I think these slides provide us a very useful collection of definitions and tools of Web 2.0 in healthcare… Read more »