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Meaningful use of eHealth in Acute Hospital in Europe – Benchmarking eHealth deployment

A few months ago I posted about a report titled A Composite Index for the Benchmarking of eHealth Deployment in European Acute Hospitals Distilling reality into a manageable form for evidence-based policy co-author with Cristiano Codagnone. On 23th March I was invited by the Catalan Agency for Health Information, Assessment and Quality to present the… Read more »

Inverse Care Law 2.0

I have posted several times about the “inverse care law” and eHealth. Following some conversations with @drbonis and @rcofinof I have decided to entitle this post “Inverse Care Law 2.0” to embed my presentation (Spanish) at “V Jornada de debate sobre eficacia y seguridad en la utilización de medicamentos”. Salud y participación a la Sociedad… Read more »

The integration of Information and Communication Technology into Community Pharmacists practice

Although I have not posted about Pharmacists and the use of the Internet and I have not found many research on this topic,  it’s clear that these health professionals are playing an important role in healthcare. Therefore, they also have a role in relationship with the Internet, specially Community Pharmacists, who are probably the most… Read more »

The integration of Information and Communication Technology into nursing practice

We are planning to launch again our survey to Physicians, Nurses and Pharmacists with the collaboration of their Professional Associations of Barcelona. Therefore, we are redesigning the questionnaires and checking our multivariate analysis. Following the published paper entitled “The integration of Information and Communication Technology into medical practice”, we have send to a peer-review journal… Read more »

eHealth Week 2010 – Barcelona

On March 15th to 18th the Ministerial High Level Conference on eHealth and the World Health IT Conference and Exhibition were being held in the same week in a joint initiative called “e-Health Week 2010”. First of all, I would like to congratulate the organizers, specially TICSALUT Foundation and ehealthweek2010, for the very well organized… Read more »

Master Health Promotion – Universitat de Girona

Yesterday I had the opportunity to spend four hours teaching  in the Master of  Health Promotion with the postgraduate students at Universitat de Girona.  I have integrated Towards Health Mass-self communication within the framework of Health Promotion and have mixed some theoretical approach, empirical data and two case studies. Here goes the presentation. I hope… Read more »

Opportunities and challenges of Web 2.0 within the health care systems: an empirical exploration

I have finished to check the proof of my article entitled Opportunities and challenges of Web 2.0 within the health care systems: an empirical exploration for Informatics for Health and Social Care (An International Journal of Informatics in Health Care). Here goes the abstract: The Internet has become one of the main drivers of e-health…. Read more »

E-Health and Society: An Empirical Study of Catalonia at eHealth News EU

I would like to thank indeed Ruslan David, eHealthNews.EU Portal Administrator/Editor, for his help to disseminate the results of the research project E-Health and Society: An Empirical Study of Catalonia and also for his wonderful job as Editor of eHealthNews.EU – the First European eHealth News Portal.

Wiki about Access, Use and Consequences of ICT in eHealth and Network Society

During this month I have been working on my wiki site. I have organized the items by these categories: Articles Books Institutions People Research Centers Surveys and Indicators As I have said in another post this space is just a personal notebook. But of course comments will be welcome. I will appreciate them. You can… Read more »

ICTconsequences Wiki

Finally I have decided to star ICTconsequeces Wiki. I will use it as a personal notebook to share the comments about resources I am working with and it also helps me to order my personal notes. Again it is just a working web project so I hope I will improve its integration with the rest… Read more »