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Transnational eHealth strategies

eHealth News EU has published Advanced eHealth Country Reports on eHealth ERA Project Website talking about the Database of European eHealth priorities and strategies The database of European eHealth priorities and strategies is a service to European States and their citizens. The purpose of the database is to enhance knowledge about eHealth activities and to… Read more »

Doctors and the Web 2.0?

Google Health Advertising Blog has posted Doctors and the Web 2.0 talking about White Paper “Physicians and Web 2.0” done by Manhattan Research: Manhattan Research is a healthcare market research and services firm, laying the foundation for strategic planning for global pharmaceutical, biotech, device and diagnostic, and life sciences companies. Manhattan Research guides clients in… Read more »

Prof. Castells is interviewed by Barcelona Medical Association

Barcelona Medical Association has published a very interesting video-interview with Prof. Castells talking about Network Society and Health. As well as the interview there is an article titled Physicians on the Internet written by Prof. Castells and myself. The video and the article are in Spanish. It could be a good chance to learn that… Read more »

Google PHR blogosphere discussion

If you are interested in Google PHR you should read Vince Kuraitis post titled “Connecting the Dots…Google Health Promises to Create AND Dominate Next Generation PHRs” and the discussion it has been generated. Congratulations for such a wonderful post and comments. After the first reactions on Google’s announcement, it is nice to see some analytical… Read more »

Project Internet Catalonia: The use of internet and IT in the health sector

I am so happy to announce that during this week has been presented by its directors, Prof. Manuel Castells and Prof. Imma Tubella, to the media and Catalonia Society the main conclusions of Project Internet Catalonia (PIC) PIC is a research programme carried out from September 2001 to July 2007 by the UOC’s IN3. It… Read more »

Understanding ICT as Innovation in Healthcare Organizations

I have been studying some issues related with Innovation and with Telemedicine (if you follow the links you can see some references about them). In my case the key issue of both items is Information and Communication Technologies. To tackle the complex of these three concepts (Innovation, Telemedicine and ICT) I am following the Conceptual… Read more »