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Health and Social Care Information: the role of the Internet and the pharmacist

Health and Social Care Information: A review of provision in the North East is a research report written by Suzanne Lockyer and Elizabeth Blenkinsopp. The authors state “There are currently many drivers for change in the provision of health and social care information to the public” and mention that “the aims of this review were… Read more »

Public Sector Information and Web 2.0

Tobias Escher has posted What Web 2.0 means for Public Sector Information talking about a number of challenges to the way governments provide their information (visibility, competition, control and license) and providing some basic steps government should take in order to make Public Sector Information 2.0 (provide structure formats, leverage the wisdom of the crowds,… Read more »

Personal Health Record discussion

As he did with Google’s PHR, talking even about trust issues, Vince Kuraitis analyzes Microsoft’s HealthVault and four misconception about it: Misconception #1: HealthVault is a personal health record (PHR). Misconception #2: People don’t trust Microsoft, so they won’t sign up for and use HV. Misconception #3: Patients don’t understand PHRs, don’t want them, and… Read more »

More information, please… vs. empirical evidence

I have read More information, please from Newsweek Health about the experience of Cleveland Clinic providing clinical information to patients using the Internet At the Cleveland Clinic, under a program called MyChart, patients are even given access (via a password-protected Web site) to their medical charts. They can get test results, renew prescriptions and request… Read more »

Web 2.0 challenges the tools for rating quality of health information on the Internet

During these months I have been working hard on Health and Web 2.0. I have visited many web sites looking for the main features about interaction among different healthcare agents, multimedia contents and “expert” and “lay” knowledge. I haven’t found many sites who care about formal quality. That makes me think about the concept of… Read more »

Social and Economic Factors Shaping the Future of the Internet and Health

On 31 January 2007 US National Science Foundation (NSF) and Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OCDE) co-organise a workshop titled “Social and Economic Factors Shaping the Future of the Internet”. The workshop’s goal was to discuss strategic directions for the future of the Internet, from both a technological and a policy viewpoint. To this… Read more »

Health information on the Internet and Marketing online

My friend Meritxell Roca, a researcher from Open University of Catalonia, has sent me a link to Pharmaceutical Marketing On-line: Stuck in Web 1.5: a headline from the Pharmaceutical Marketing Online report that checks the temperature of on-line advertising spending by the US pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. I haven’t access the full report and I… Read more »

Doctors and the Web 2.0?

Google Health Advertising Blog has posted Doctors and the Web 2.0 talking about White Paper “Physicians and Web 2.0” done by Manhattan Research: Manhattan Research is a healthcare market research and services firm, laying the foundation for strategic planning for global pharmaceutical, biotech, device and diagnostic, and life sciences companies. Manhattan Research guides clients in… Read more »