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The on-line and off-line consequences of blogging

I few days ago I found a post from Tobias Escher talking about Why should researchers blog?. His post was interesting but opposite to Ismael Peña hyphotesis so I just sent him the URL. Later Ismael put a comment to Tobias’s post and next Tobias answered him back. Finally both will meet each other in… Read more »

Web 2.0 in Healthcare Care by John Sharp

John Sharp has shared his presentation at the conference of Northern Ohio Healthcare Information Management and Systems Society in Cleveland about Web 2.0 in Healthcare. First of all thanks to John for sharing his wonderful slides. I think these slides provide us a very useful collection of definitions and tools of Web 2.0 in healthcare… Read more »

Infodemiology: a key issue for Web 2.0 in Health

In 2002 Gunter Eysenbach wrote “Infodemiology: The Epidemiology of (Mis)information” describing the emergence of a new research discipline and methodology focus on the study of the determinants and distribution of health information and misinformation. As the author said Information epidemiology, or infodemiology, identifies areas where there is a knowledge translation gap between best evidence (what… Read more »

Some resources about Wikis

Last week I asked some colleagues for references about wikis. There are many people talking to much about Web 2.0 and Health even about Health 2.0 but there is a lack of scientific evidence about those buzzwords. Of course something is going on about Health and Web 2.0 but I guess that most of the… Read more »

An open call for Health Wikis

Although the research I have been working during these years shows a scarce use of Web 2.0 in the health field. There are many evidences on the Internet about Wikis and Health. David Rothman has a very interesting list of Medical Wikis and John Sharp has posted Medical Wikis – a follow up. Those pioneer… Read more »

Wiki about Access, Use and Consequences of ICT in eHealth and Network Society

During this month I have been working on my wiki site. I have organized the items by these categories: Articles Books Institutions People Research Centers Surveys and Indicators As I have said in another post this space is just a personal notebook. But of course comments will be welcome. I will appreciate them. You can… Read more »

Web 2.0: A research point of view

I have posted about Web 2.0 a few times talking about some consequences of this topic in the Health field. I usually take the Web 2.0 definition from O’Reilly, but this time I would like to tackle the topic following the empirical research from PEW INTERNET & AMERICAN LIFE PROJECT. In Riding the Waves of… Read more »