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Health and the World Wide Internet

I’m glad to share my slides presented on World Internet Project 2009 – Macau entitled Health and the Internet: Autonomy of the User. The presentation is based on a paper written by Rita Espanha and myself for the book “World Wide Internet. Changing Societies, Economies and Cultures” edited by Gustavo Cardoso, Angus Cheong and Jeffrey… Read more »

World Internet Project and Health

I’m so excited about World Internet Project 2009 Macao (July 8 – 10) where I’m presenting a paper done with Dra. Rita Espanha entitled Health and the Internet: Autonomy of the User. Abstract: Information access and distribution are growing and the ways in which this information and knowledge democratisation occurs are many, scattered and diverse…. Read more »

Internet, Sex and "Men who have sex with men" Workshop

Today, I have been invited by StopSida to participate in a workshop about “Internet, Sex and Men who have sex with men“. Here goes my presentation (in Spanish) which tries to show an overview about the Internet, Citizens and Health: challenges and opportunities. Internet, ciudadanía y salud: oportunidades y retos View SlideShare presentation or Upload… Read more »

Online Social Networks Roundtable with Howard Rheingold

First of all, I would like to thank Max Senges and Josep M. Duart as organizators of the roundtable with Howard Rheingold at Open University of Catalonia. Ismael Peña has alredy posted about Rheingold wonderfull talk, but here comes my notes and my reflection. Online Social Networks enable people to co-operate; have always existed, but… Read more »

Internet Research 9.0: Rethinking Community, Rethinking Space. Key speaker: Mimi Ito

Notes from the conference: Internet Research 9.0: Rethinking Community, Rethinking Space. Copenhagen October 15 – 18, 2008. Mimi Ito: Hanging Out, Messing Around and Geeking Out: Youth Participation in Networked Publics. Mimi Ito is a cultural anthropologist studying new media use, particularly among young people in Japan and the US. Her research right now focuses… Read more »

Social Networking Sites for researchers

Cameron Neylon has posted Facebooks for scientists – they’re breeding like rabbits!. I really recommend reading that post. I just reproduce here some of the sites collected by him: Sites Blog collections: Nature Network, ScienceBlogs, Scientific Blogging, WordPress, Blogspot, (OpenWetWare), Social Networks: Laboratree, Ologeez, Research Gate, Epernicus, LabMeeting, Graduate Junction, (Nature Network), oh and Facebook,… Read more »

Drojnet International Seminar presentation

As I mentioned before, I have been invited to participate in the International Seminar “Aplicación de las nuevas tecnologías a la prevención y asistencia en adicciones (”New technologies applications to prevention and assistance of addictions” (26th and 27th, June). Here goes my presentation: | View | Upload your own

Medical consultation 2.0

As a result of Health and Web 2.0 in the Information Age Conference: from empirical data to Web 2.0 trends,  three videos and two power point presentations are available. Furthermore, the conference’s speaker and I had a interesting conversation with  Salvador Tordera, a journalist from Open University of Catalonia. A few days ago, Salvador has… Read more »

Health Literacy Conference by Rima Rudd

Today I have attended to Catalonia Health Promoting Hospitals Network kick off meeting. This Network, coordinated by Cristina Iniesta, has organised a conference about Health Literacy with Rima Rudd as key speaker. Rima Rudd conference was marvellous. Here comes my notes from the conference: She started talking about income and education as the fundamental axis… Read more »