Excellent reflection about EHR by Vince Kuraitis

April 27, 2009

Most of the times when I read my RSS feeds I’m susprised by the amounts of post that are based on slogans, beliefs, wishes… but sometimes I’m surprised by the quality of some reflection. I would like to share Vince Kuraitis post entitled EHR 2.0: Thinking Outside the Cat Box. This post presents a number of innovative ways to conceptualize EHR 2.0:

* EHR as Platform + Applications
* EHR as Clinical Groupware
* EHR Integrated with PHR
* EHR as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)
* EHR as a “Publish-Discover” Search Engine
* EHR + Disease Management Services = Care Coordination
* DRT-Enabled EHR

These innovative ways to conceptualize EHR 2.0 and Vince Kuraitis description perfectly fix with “A decade of ICT development in health care”. We may not forget that innovation is based on research not just in slogans, beliefs or wishes.