Google ranked 'worst' on privacy (a Health Care Value)

June 11, 2007

BBC News has published this headline Google ranked ‘worst’ on privacy talking about a recent report launched by Privacy International. I haven’t read the report yet and I hadn’t heard before about this organization. But at least it makes me think again about the complexity of putting together health and Google as privacy is a key issue in healthcare field.

The Health Wisdom Blog has posted Why Web 2.0 Matters to Health Companies. The post includes some key issues about Health Care values and Web 2.0 values:

Web 2.0 a disruptive technology

To summarize the figure I would say there are many tensions among the relationshiop of production and relationship of consumption of information in the Internet. Google could take advantage of these tensions because his job is putting together the demand of information (search) with the supply (search results) but in this process I think Google will not guarantee the values of Healthcare.