International Seminar: New technology applications to prevention and assistance of addictions

June 7, 2008

I have been invited by Government of La Rioja, through the Regional Ministry of Health, to participate in the International Seminar “Aplicación de las nuevas tecnologías a la prevención y asistencia en adicciones (“New technologies applications to prevention and assistance of addictions” (26th and 27th, June) located at CIBIR, the Biomedical Research Centre of La Rioja. The seminar is organized by Drojnet an European project that evaluates the usefulness of new media in informing teenagers about drugs and their effects on their health. Deadline for registration is June 13, 2008.


I’m going to participate in the track “Health , Communication and New technologies” talking about “Health and the Internet. The transition of health system to Network Society: an empirical analysis of Catalonia” based on E-Health and Society: an empirical study of Catalonia directed by Prof. Castells.

I’m excited about this Seminar for many reasons: I will meet interesting people who are working in eHealth in Spain and Europe; Drojnet project looks like a good initiative to explore eHealth and Digital Natives topics and I will have the opportunity to talk with their authors; and it will be a good opportunity to know Regional Ministry of Health of La Rioja initiatives in eHealth. Finally, I would like to thank to the organization of the seminar for the invitation.