Pervasiveness of computing in healthcare

January 23, 2007

Heath et al. (2003) “discuss the ways in which Sociology of Health and Illness has provided a forum for the analysis of these new technologies in healthcare”. It’s a great article that allow us to review the literature about some topics related to healthcare and ICT.As well as recommend the reading of the article I find a remarkable sentence in the begining of the abstract:

“One of the most significant developments in healthcare over the past 25 years has been the widespread deployment of information and communication technologies”

This sentence makes me thing about the evolution of technologies during last decades and how they have been shaping and interacting with all the agents involved in the healthcare system. It also reminds me a graphic from BISER (the main focus for BISER is research into indicators for the Information Society in EU regions) which I think illustrate perfectly some of the relationship between technologies in the focus of the healthcare.