Google as a doctor? Google as a PHR?

June 28, 2007

Since Google has started to talk about Health I have been posting about its consequences because most of the surveys show us that people use this tool to seek health information.

One of the last post in Official Google Blog talk about Is there any doctor in the family? and it was written by a full-time primary care doctor who is now working in Google. I think if more health information is available more support will be needed and probably the patients – doctors relationship will be transformed. That means the transformation of information flow will affect the communication process.

Here goes some post I have read about the consequences of the change in the information and communication processes.

Jeff O’Connor has posted several times about Google initiatives on Health. I think his point of view is so interesting as far as he explains us how Google works and what are the consequences of using this tool in health and also talk about ethics.

Vince Kuraitis goes further and tackles the complexity of Personal Health Records and Google.

The debate is open. Privacy, confidential, ethical questions, complexity of manage clinical information, access and use of information,… are just some of the issues we will have to manage. Google is not just a tool!