Some resources about Wikis

May 20, 2007

Last week I asked some colleagues for references about wikis. There are many people talking to much about Web 2.0 and Health even about Health 2.0 but there is a lack of scientific evidence about those buzzwords. Of course something is going on about Health and Web 2.0 but I guess that most of the time we are talking about a kind of avant-garde so far from ordinary people. Anyway I would like to share what the colleagues sent me.

Enric Senabre sent me:

I also asked for help to Adolfo Estalella who sent me this article Collaborative Authoring on the Web: A Genre Analysis of Online Encyclopedias and introduce me by email David Gomez Fontanills who sent me some useful links about a project called GERMINATOR and his about wiki.

Thanks very much for share your resources.