The Ranking Web of World Hospitals

July 30, 2009

Nowadays, there are several directories and rankings almost for everything. Information flows, mashups, user-generated contents and collaboration tools, among others,  have facilitated the development and the dissemination of these kind of information services.

Nevertheless, I would say (it’s just a hypothesis) that most of these rankings or directories do not mention clearly how they have been developed or in some cases they are build on  ‘black box’ criteria. To sum up methodology issues are just missed. Of course,  it doesn’t mean that they are not useful but extra caution should be paid when you checked them.

Anyway, I’m glad to share what looks like as a good example of ranking, even it is in a “beta” phase: The Ranking Web of World Hospitals. This ranking clearly specifies:

  • Background of the project.
  • Purposes and Goals of Rankings.
  • Design and Weighting of Indicators.
  • Collection and Processing of Data
  • Presentation of Ranking Results

The elements above mention should be mandatory in any ranking, shouldn’t it?

Congratulations to Isidro F. Aguillo and his team