Transnational eHealth strategies

August 2, 2007

eHealth News EU has published Advanced eHealth Country Reports on eHealth ERA Project Website talking about the Database of European eHealth priorities and strategies

The database of European eHealth priorities and strategies is a service to European States and their citizens. The purpose of the database is to enhance knowledge about eHealth activities and to facilitate co-operation between states and regions in the field of eHealth.

This initiative remember me the WHO eHealth Programme

The programme on eHealth aims to support countries in further developing their health systems by improving access, quality and efficiency, through the use of information and communication technologies. Today, eHealth can support the different functions of the health system, providing a unique opportunity for strengthening the information, intelligence and knowledge processes.

Also the European Commision has supported The European e-Business W@cht. This initiative has many resources about Health and social services sector.

The mission of the Sectoral e-Business Watch is to support the work of the European Commission’s DG Enterprise and Industry in the field of ICT and e-business policies. In this policy area, DG ENTR itself has a twofold mission: “to enhance the competitiveness of the ICT sector, and to facilitate the efficient uptake of ICT for European enterprises in general.

At ICTconsequences Bibliography I have collected many articles about ehealth framework. You could find some of them from the International Journal of Electronic Healthcare.