Working on empirical evidence of Health 2.0

July 30, 2008

Lately I have quit blogging (not smoking, what a shame!) because I have focused exclusively on my thesis. On 1st September I must finish the first drat to present it to my thesis advisor. I’m working hard (factorial analysis,¬† cluster analysis and Logit model) with data bases from E-Health and Society: An Empirical Study of Catalonia.

Anyway, I would like to post about a new initiative called Sanidad 2.0 (Health system 2.0 could be Spanish translation) launched by Kroniker:

Kroniker is both an Observatory and a Community of Practice focused on innovation in the field of quality of care and the management of chronic conditions. Our main objective is to help health and social care organizations transform their systems towards improved care for chronic conditions. The centre is in Bilbao, Spain.

This new blog/initiative has generated some posts done by Spanish bloggers:

I’m excited about the meeting on 20th November. I will present there my findings about empirical evidences of Health 2.0. I hope these evidences will help us to a better understand of this phenomenon and to differentiate between wishes and facts, wisdom patients and lay patients.