World Health Organization and eHealth

October 24, 2006

The World Health Organization (WHO) created in 2005 the Global Observatory for eHealth (GOe)

As its initial task it carried out the first global survey on eHealth. The survey covered seven key themes in the eHealth domain and one of these is the subject of this report which summarizes the needs for eHealth tools and services of the WHO Member States and their expectations from the WHO Secretariat as expressed in the survey. It is targeted at policy makers, eHealth practitioners, researchers, and academics.

Recently, the GOe has published Connecting for Health: Global Vision, Local Insight

This report brings together statistics from United Nations agencies measuring demographics, health and information and communication technologies(ICT), providing a profile of each WHO Member State’s health and ICT diffusion and a reference for policy and research.

This report could be considered as the first step taken by WHO to develop a framework of indicators to mesure the Network Society in Health.