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For what purpose and reasons do doctors use the Internet: A systematic review.

This paper could help us to frame into scientific medial journals the differences between  Utilised ICT physicians and Integrated ICT physicians and also fix into the drivers of the transition from utilization to integration. Masters, K. (2008). For what purpose and reasons do doctors use the Internet: A systematic review. International Journal of Medical Informatics,… Read more »

Opportunities and challenges of Web 2.0 within the health care systems: an empirical exploration

I have finished to check the proof of my article entitled Opportunities and challenges of Web 2.0 within the health care systems: an empirical exploration for Informatics for Health and Social Care (An International Journal of Informatics in Health Care). Here goes the abstract: The Internet has become one of the main drivers of e-health…. Read more »

Doctors, Citizens and the Internet: Brown Bag Seminar Series – SATSU

On 23rd June I had the pleasure to present some of the results of our research in the Brown Bag Seminar Series at Science and Technology Studies Unit (SATSU) in the Department of Sociology at University of York where I’m as a visiting researcher. Analysis of Internet Use in Catalonia Health System: Webs, Doctors and Citizens… Read more »

Healthcare system 2.0: from industrial healthcare to network healthcare

I just want to share my presentation “Healthcare system 2.0: from industrial healthcare to network healthcare”. It could be also entitled “From information to interaction, from citizen to networked citizen, from physicians to networked physicianas… Healthcare in transition to Network Society”. I have to congratulate  Kroniker, Sanidad 2.0 and Healthcare Department of Euskadi, specially Dr…. Read more »

Mapping the transition of the Catalan Health system to Network Society. A work in progress. How was research developed?

From May to September,  I’m a visiting researcher at Science and Technology Studies Unit (SATSU). SATSU, in the Department of Sociology, “is a specialist unit dedicated to rigorous analysis of the social dynamics informing contemporary and prospective science and technology. It has an established international reputation as a centre of excellence in three areas: the… Read more »

Twitterwiev by

Yesterday I had my first experience in an interview done by Diario Médico, the leading healthcare online/print medium for healthcare professionals in Spanish, using Twitter. It was a nice experience of mediated conversation, with many questions from other twitter colleagues. Here goes the list of the other people who have been Twitterwiev: Jennifer McCabe Gorman:… Read more »

Spreading thesis research results

Lately I haven’t posted because I have been developing my thesis site to spread the results of the research. The site is in Spanish and the discussion will be in Spanish too. Here goes the video of my presentation (it’s also in Spanish if somebody likes to subtitle it, will be very welcome). I’m sorry… Read more »

Thesis defense: The Internet, Health and Network Society

On 23rd January 2009 I defended my PhD thesis “Internet, health and society. Analysis of the uses of internet related to health in Catalonia” supervised by the IN3’s Director and UOC Research Professor Manuel Castells. I’m translating my slide presentation, it takes time because It has many figures, just take a look at the Spanish… Read more »

Internet, Sex and "Men who have sex with men" Workshop

Today, I have been invited by StopSida to participate in a workshop about “Internet, Sex and Men who have sex with men“. Here goes my presentation (in Spanish) which tries to show an overview about the Internet, Citizens and Health: challenges and opportunities. Internet, ciudadanía y salud: oportunidades y retos View SlideShare presentation or Upload… Read more »

The definitive references' collection of my thesis

“Internet, Health and Society. Analysis of the uses of the Internet related to the health in Catalonia” is the titled of my thesis. I would like to share all the references I have been working with during the last almost four years. Soon, I will be publishing all the thesis (in Spanish and I’ll translate… Read more »