From Excluded to Networked Citizens… The Inverse Care Law

July 6, 2009

On Wednesday 8th I’m presenting Health and the Internet: Autonomy of the User in the World Internet Project Macao 2009. I have finished the presentation and I would like to share a graphic that clearly represents the difference between Access, Use and Assessment of ICT used by Catalonia citizens (based on a representative survey of Catalonia population).

From Excluded to Networked citizens

Following Dr. Shock comment, age characterization of these citizens suggests that those who are younger and probably in a better health status are also more Networed oriented and those who are older and probably in a worse bad status are Excluded or Disconnected. It looks like sometimes the promises of eHealth and eGovernment forget that Inverse Care Law still matters in the Digital Era. Are online service for-profit and also non-profit providers taking care of these situations?