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The integration of Information and Communication Technology into medical practice

I’m delighted to announce that the article entitled “The integration of Information and Communication Technology into medical practice” has been accepted and is already in press at the  International Journal of Medical Informatics. As soon as possible I will upload a pre-print version. PREPRINT Please cite this article as: Lupiáñez-Villanueva, F., Hardey, M., Torrent, J.,… Read more »

New position at Institute for Prospective Technological Studies (IPTS)

After seven years working at Open University of Catalonia and its Internet Interdisciplinary Institute, I’m enjoying the benefits of an unpaid leave to begin a new professional adventure.  Yesterday, I started to work at at Institute for Prospective Technological Studies (IPTS) in Seville, one of the seven scientific institutes of the European Commission’s Joint Research… Read more »

Health and the Network Society: Spanish/Catalan book launched

I’m delighted to present my book: Health and the Network Society published by Ariel now available at the book stores. I perfectly know that it would not become a best-seller but I hope it could contribute just a little to foster new debates and further research on ICT and Health.Health systems are embedded within technological,… Read more »

Spreading thesis research results

Lately I haven’t posted because I have been developing my thesis site to spread the results of the research. The site is in Spanish and the discussion will be in Spanish too. Here goes the video of my presentation (it’s also in Spanish if somebody likes to subtitle it, will be very welcome). I’m sorry… Read more »

Thesis defense: The Internet, Health and Network Society

On 23rd January 2009 I defended my PhD thesis “Internet, health and society. Analysis of the uses of internet related to health in Catalonia” supervised by the IN3’s Director and UOC Research Professor Manuel Castells. I’m translating my slide presentation, it takes time because It has many figures, just take a look at the Spanish… Read more »

My Works

In this page I am going to collect and share some of the works I have been doing along or with fellows. Research projects Publications During 2005 – 2007 I was working in the Project Internet Catalonia “Technological Modernisation, Organisational Change and Service Delivery in the Catalan Public Health” directed by the Prof. Manuel Castells…. Read more »

About Me

A few lines about myself. My name is Francisco Lupiáñez- Villanueva (or just Paco a typical Spanish name) and I begun this site as a blog following the concept of Personal Research Portal developed by Ismael Peña. I’m Associate Professor at School of Information and Communication Science Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC) and researcher at… Read more »